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Rovinj is said to be the third most popular tourist destination in Croatia, after Dubrovnik and Hvar. It is a very beautiful town of 15.000 inhabitants with the big church on the top of the hill which dominates the town and is visible to sailors from far away. The peninsula on which the old town was built used to be an island but the gap was filled in 1763.


It shares the history with Istria and the north of the Adriatic, having been occupied and ruled by almost every power in Europe, but mostly influenced by the Romans and later the Venetian Republic. It is the part of the coast which was close to Italy and benefited from it. It is a bilingual part of the country in which Italian is fluently spoken everywhere.


St. Euphemia's Basilica is the place to visit and admire the view over the little archipelago around Rovinj. The old town has been loved by many artists who still live in their small houses and display their wares in the narrow streets or in small galleries.


Rovinj has an organised marina but it is also easy to find an anchorage just beside the marina or among several outer islands. The Lim fjord is just a few miles north of the town and it is interesting to visit although it is difficult to anchor anywhere in the vicinity.

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