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Every year there are great regattas in the Adriatic in which You have an opportunity to participate and compete. You have a chance to sail with some of the best skippers and sailors on the Adriatc coast. If you would like to attend these amazing regattas, please, don't hesitate to contact us.

Barcolana - Trieste - 12.10.

The biggest sailing regatta in the World! Every year almost 2000 sailing boats gather in front of Trieste to race. Truly an unforgettable experience...

Pequena Regatta Nocturna - Postira, Brač - 9.8.

A unique regatta which takes place in a small port of Postira on the island of Brač. Night racing under bright lights in front of a large crowd while listening to Mozart 'Eine kleine nacht musik'...

Mrduja - Split - 27.9.

The most popular Croatian regatta. Every year about 300 boats race from the port of Split to a small island of Mrduja between Brač and Šolta and back to Split...

Mrdujska regata - JK Labud

Viška Regatta - Vis - 17 - 19.10.

A great 3-day regatta from Split to the island of Vis and back to Split with an In-Port race in the bay where Vis harbor is. Every year no more than 150 participates because of the limited space in Vis harbor... Viška regata

Gladuša - Sali, Dugi otok - 12.4.

An ideal way to start a new sailing season in the Adriatic is to attend the regatta Gladuša which has a cult status in Croatia because of a friendly atmosphere and a great party... JK Guc - Regata Gladuša

The most popular Croatian offshore winter regatta. It feels great to start at midnight, sail the 100 mile long route from Vodice to an offshore vulcanic rock Jabuka and back to Vodice The best way to end the sailing season... JK Tijat - Jabuka

Regatta Jabuka - Vodice - 13 - 15.11.
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