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The second largest city in Croatia, 180.000 inhabitants, modern and sophisticated on the foundations of the Greek colony of Aspalathos (4th century BC) and later defined by the Roman Emperor Diocletian's Palace in AD 305. Beautifully situated on a peninsula with a small Marjan hill (178 m), the large and busy bay of Kaštela behind (N and NW), and the Palace, passenger and yacht harbour in the south. Diocletian's Palace is the main attraction, but there are interesting museums, exhibitions and various festivals particularly in the summer. Walking up and down the south harbour (Riva) in the evening, looking at people,  having an ice cream or coffee after a good fish dinner in the old town is a must.  


The airport of Split is on the NW side of the Kaštela bay and is very near the beautiful small town of Trogir (visit the main church) with a big marina. The visitors' marinas are also in Kaštela north of Split, and ACI marina in the south harbour. The Bay and Split are well connected, ideal for provisioning (visit the open market place either in Trogir or Split) and all other services and shopping that big cities offer. Most people love Split, but also like to leave the busy, hot and loud place searching for more peaceful beauty spots.


It is difficult to find a berth in Split outside the marinas.

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