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Primošten is a lovely village on a peninsula with a narrow connection to the mainland. With clear seas around, it is a popular, if usually crowded destination. But what really puts Primošten on the map of the world are its vineyards. In this area wine is as old as we have any records, at least from 8 century BC. Grown among rocks in places difficult to access, the extreme human effort of clearing little spaces of soil in this rocky terrain has been celebrated the world over. Its photographs are shown in most exhibitions about Mediterranean, winemaking and Croatia, or even more frequently as a testament and celebration of most impressive human endeavour and perseverance. The best view one can get from the boat of these vineyards is on entering the Kremik marina just one bay to the south of Primošten.


There are a few berths at the town quay, and one can anchor in the bay, but it is better to go a little bit further and find a berth in or around the Kremik marina from where a regular minibus takes people to Primošten.

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