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One of the most visited destinations in Croatia, Poreč is a small town with a very developed chain of hotels and camping sites that cater to every taste and wish. Several very well organised marinas, one in Vrsar being consistently voted the best on the coast.


Poreč has a population of around 15.000 living in the area from the Mirna river near Novigrad in the north to Vrsar at the edge of Lim fjord in the south. The harbour is very well protected by the St. Nicholas island and there is a small archipelago of islands all along the coast to the south.


Poreč has been a town for more than 2000 years, it was an important Roman centre and as in all Istria Roman ruins are everywhere. The jewel of Poreč is the Euphrasian Basilica from the 6th century, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a must for every visitor. A walk in the town around the Basilica will be interesting with many nice houses, little cafes, and gelato shops.


Poreč was a very popular tourist town even in Austrian times around mid 19th century when the first tourist guide was issued. The first hotel, Riviera, was built in 1910, and a narrow-gauge train called Parenzana operated between Poreč and Trieste from 1902 to 1937.

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