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Lastovo is one of the outer islands of Croatia although it is only 13 km south of Korčula. It is a very popular island, actually a small archipelago, and it is a national park especially famous for its rich maritime life. Well wooded it constantly suffers from large fires in the summer, but it still remains green. It has two big natural harbours very popular with yachtsmen, Skrivena luka (hidden harbour) and Ubli. Like many towns on the islands in the Adriatic the main town is somewhat away from the sea due to frequent pirate attacks throughout history.


It shares the history of other islands in the Adriatic, but it belonged for a long time to the Republic of Dubrovnik and shared in its prosperity. Between the two world wars it belonged to Italy, and after WWII it was a naval base closed for tourists and foreigners. Although that was deleterious for its tourist industry it saved the island in its original state for a longer time than other islands in the Adriatic. The town of Lastovo is a typical small Adriatic village, but people mostly visit the island for its nature, deep see, marine life, and peace and quiet away from the crowded places.


There are no marinas on the island, one harbor in Veli Lago, provisioning is limited, but the two natural harbours are very good.

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