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Korčula is a town on the island of the same name with around 3.000 inhabitants. A prosperous island known for its excellent wine and a history of shipping and masonry as seen on many houses in the town.


To the Greeks it was known as Korkyra Melaina, to the Romans Corcyra Nigra, today one can still see the city walls and towers witnessing the usual procession of occupiers during millennia. Venetians were the rulers on many occasions, sometimes it was owned by Croatian and Hungarian kingdoms, Ottomans attacked but never conquered it, and after the fall of Venice, Austrians, French, Russians and English all had a period of ruling Korčula.


By far the most famous citizen is Marco Polo who is said to have been born in Korčula.


As in some other lovely Adriatic towns Korčula deserves a good and informed walk in the old town where interesting churches, villas and palaces will be seen, old dances are performed often on the town squares, and one should end the visit in a nice local restaurant with a bottle of excellent local wine.


Korčula has a marina which is often too crowded so there are further berths and a marina in Lumbarda 7 km SE of Korčula. Many people like this place and walk or ride a bike to the main town (bus and taxi as well).


Sailing around the island of Korčula is nice with many good bays to stop for lunch or even overnight.

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