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One of the nicest towns on the Adriatic. Lying in a large bay at the end of the Šibenik Channel it has a population of around 40.000.


Although Šibenik was inhabited in Ancient times and generally shares the history of the coast, as a town it was founded by the Croats and it is the oldest Croatian town on the coast. It was also the seat of the Croatian King Petar Krešimir IV (1066) so it is proud to be the Krešimir's city as many locals call it. All the usual powers in the region, Byzantium, Venice, Hungary, conquered it from time to time, and Ottomans attacked it fiercely but never entered its formidable fortifications. It was part of the Kingdom of Italy until 1921.


The main attraction of Šibenik is its beautiful Cathedral built from 1431 to 1536 in both Gothic and Renaissance style. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage list and certainly worth a visit and a walk around the town along old stone cobbled streets, old palaces and houses. Several fortifications at the entrance to the channel and around the town are interesting, but Krka National Park, a few miles up the river Krka which enters the bay of Šibenik is worth a visit by boat or land. Every summer a childrens' festival takes place in the town.


Šibenik has a large Mandalina marina although it is possible to stay at the town quay as well. Up the river sailing boats can go all the way to the Skradin marina (recommended). When approaching Šibenik many small islands can present interesting short stay opportunities. For example the island of Zlarin has been well known for its red corals used for jewellery and natural sponges can still be found on Krapanj. There are numerous bays everywhere where one can enjoy peaceful anchorages.

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