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Dubrovnik - UNESCO World Heritage List

Is there anything that has not been said about Dubrovnik. With its historical trading competitor, Venice, they are the most popular and beautiful jewels of the Adriatic, and it is a must for most visitors to Croatia. Dubrovnik offers everything, bags of history in each one of its houses, palaces, churches and monasteries, unmatched architecture, beautiful vistas from the walls of the city, many restaurants, interesting entertainment and excursions, a cultural festival every evening during the summer and a lot more.


Dubrovnik is a relatively new settlement which developed in Byzantine times and is first mentioned in the 9th century. In the 13 and 14th century it was mainly under Venetian control, from 1380 it became an independent Republic and with very skilful diplomacy, excellent maritime and trading facilities, it remained prosperous and rich until Napoleon conquered it at the beginning of the 19th century. It later followed the historical development of the whole region.


The list of things to see in Dubrovnik is endless and what you will see only depends on the time you want to dedicate to the visit. Everybody loves the old city but it has it drawbacks. It is sometimes extremely crowded, and can be hot and expensive in July and August.


It is also relatively inconvenient for visitors in their own boats. The marina is along the bank of the nearby river and visitors need to take a bus or taxi to the town. Winds are usually weak and Dubrovnik is not considered to be an interesting sailing destination.

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